The Brenner tileable tray makes complicated and leak prone foam-only ‘trays’ a thing of the past, giving you a clear advantage over other shower tray methods that require on-site fabrication.

The Brenner tileble tray provides waterproofing integrity previously only available from more expensive shower systems, now you can achieve a stylish shower with frameless screens and the advantage of Kwik-fit New Zealand made componentry.

Factory made, the Brenner tileable shower tray offers peace of mind waterproofing: in fact we guarantee their durability for 20 years.


20yr-guarantee-revThe Brenner tileable Shower Tray is warranted to hold it’s shape and form for 20 years. Screens and hardware are warranted for 7 years. The tileable tray must be completely covered by a liquid-applied waterproofing for adhesion of tiles over it.