The Brenner tileable tray makes complicated and leak prone foam-only ‘trays’ a thing of the past, giving you a clear advantage over other shower tray methods that require on-site fabrication.

The Brenner tileble tray provides waterproofing integrity previously only available from more expensive shower systems, now you can achieve a stylish shower with frameless screens and the advantage of Kwik-fit New Zealand made componentry.

Factory made, the Brenner tileable shower tray offers peace of mind waterproofing: in fact we guarantee their durability for 20 years.


The Brenner tileable Shower Tray is warranted to hold it’s shape and form for 20 years. Screens and hardware are warranted for 7 years. The tileable tray must be completely covered by a liquid-applied waterproofing for adhesion of tiles over it.


Discover the Benefits

> DOUBLE THE PROTECTION A rigid fibreglass skin with grit surface that is then liquid waterproofed giving double the protection of other shower tray methods, which equates to no more leaks.

> ANY HOME, ANY LEVEL The superior waterproofing qualities of the Brenner tileable tray make it ideal for multi-storey environments and can be installed in new homes or easily retrofitted as a replacement shower.

> SUITS YOUR SURFACE Brenner trays are suitable for concrete and wood floors. Ideal for installation on solid timber, particle board, concrete or fibre cement sheet floors, the tray adheres directly on top of the floor – no modifications required.

> READY TO INSTALL The one piece preformed tray eliminates the need to create a shower floor on-site for tiling (ie; screeding plaster or method of gluing individual foam blocks to floor, on-site.)

> EASY TO TILE The preformed tray provides an accurate tiling surface with built-in 2 degree falls. The flat tiling surface means no unsightly angle tiling cuts in shower floor. Less tile wastage expense and tiling labour costs.

> DESIGNED FOR A RANGE OF TILE TYPES The variable height channel means that tiles up to 15 mm thick can be used to achieve a level grate and tiled floor.

> HIGH LOAD BEARING STRENGTH Rigid fibreglass skin integrated with a V.H.D urethane core gives high load bearing strength – no movement = no cracked tiles.




The Brenner tileable tray is easy to install. The patented tray has a large flat underneath surface to ensure no flex or movement, this is followed with a layer of blue waterproofing for leak free protection. Finally the tile tray’s built-in continuous falls provide accurate lines for tilers to follow, reducing tile cutting and wastage.

Shower Installation Step 1

Shower Installation Step 2

Shower Installation Step 3

SHOWER KIT INCLUDES (typical 2 wall 1000 x 1000 hinge)

  • 1 x Brenner tile tray
  • 1 x stainless steel channel drain
  • 1 x brushed stainless steel channel grate
  • 1 x glass side screen
  • 1 x glass hinging panel
  • 1 x glass door
  • 1 x side door seal
  • 1 x bottom door seal.
  • 1 x polished Aluminium top brace and fixing blocks (4).
  • 2 x chrome plated solid brass hinges.
  • 2 x polished stainless steel handles.
  • 2 x Kwik-fit wall glass receiver channels.

Required: Floor adhesive, 3 tubes of Holdfast Gorilla Grip,
1 x White NG Silicone, 1 x Clear Silicone.



Choose a size to suit










The Brenner Shower Base

Tileable Tray Features

  • New Zealand made one-piece rigid fbreglass with integrated V.H.D* urethane core – adds tremendous strength for tiling durability.
  • Patented grit infused waterproofng surface.
  • Preformed tray with built in 2 degree transition slope.
  • Total fat shower foor surface – easy tiling.
  • Modern 50mm wide channel drain design with variable height stainless steel channel and grate.
  • 60mm high hob contains water inside shower.
  • 100mm high integrated wall lip – no leaks in traditional weak areas.
  • Total fat underneath surface adheres completely onto foor.
  • Built in Venturi waste fts easily into Allproof foor fange.
  • 20 year manufacturer’s warranty


Tileable Tray Side Profile