The Brenner tileable tray is easy to install. The patented tray has a large flat underneath surface to ensure no flex or movement, this is followed with a layer of blue waterproofing for leak free protection. Finally the tile tray’s built-in continuous falls provide accurate lines for tilers to follow, reducing tile cutting and wastage.

Shower Installation Step 1

Shower Installation Step 2

Shower Installation Step 3

SHOWER KIT INCLUDES (typical 2 wall 1000 x 1000 hinge)

  • 1 x Brenner tile tray
  • 1 x stainless steel channel drain
  • 1 x brushed stainless steel channel grate
  • 1 x glass side screen
  • 1 x glass hinging panel
  • 1 x glass door
  • 1 x side door seal
  • 1 x bottom door seal.
  • 1 x polished Aluminium top brace and fixing blocks (4).
  • 2 x chrome plated solid brass hinges.
  • 2 x polished stainless steel handles.
  • 2 x Kwik-fit wall glass receiver channels.

Required: Floor adhesive, 3 tubes of Holdfast Gorilla Grip,
1 x White NG Silicone, 1 x Clear Silicone.